Bitcoin storage in a hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are physical devices that use encryption to store private keys, allowing access to your funds in a secure, offline environment. This is generally considered to be the most secure method of storage, since you are not using an internet connected device, or relying upon a third-party, to keep your private keys secure.

Getting started with Bitcoin

So perhaps you’ve learnt something about Bitcoin and you’re ready to take the plunge. Here we take a look at how to get hold of your first bitcoin. Remember you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin and can choose to purchase a fraction of a bitcoin instead.

What is Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin to the world on 3 January 2009 ( 1), when the first block of the blockchain was mined. What this actually means will hopefully become clear as we look to explain how this digital currency works and why it might be important.